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Friday Featured LS Club


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Incognito is THE largest facility in the state!!! Located in Locust Grove, our venue is over 10,000 sq ft boasting:

*huge dance floor with professional lighting and experienced LS DJ
*plenty of seating and mingle room
*body shot area with the shot chair
*separate pool table/ beer pong room
*900 sq ft bdsm/playroom
*900 sq ft playroom with multiple beds and a swing,
*2 private play rooms with a king beds
*private motor bunny room
*covered smoke area outside the main building
*complimentary shot bar serving shots every 30mins

As of Jan 2021 Incognito will be a private member only club, membership fees will be $10 per person , payable at your first party and yearly thereafter. You will be issued a membership card and will be required to pass a second offenses check and orientation prior to attendance of your first party. Incognito is an ON Premise BYOB club for adults 21 and over who enjoy being around like-minded individuals.

DOORS open at 7:30 PM!! Party starts at 8pm! Registration closes at 10 pm

Incognito is currently only open on the 4th Sat of each month. ( except NYE) due to the Covid crisis.


Check out their website HERE

Email us HERE

Call us @: 479-220-3167


Incognito LS Club.png



"Incognito is solely owned by myself, Oh Kimber. I have been hosting LS parties and events since 2015. I have owned an operated vanilla bars, clubs and events for over 30 years".

Incognito LS Club.png


"Besides the friendly staff and members, at Incognito, you can be at ANY level of the lifestyle and completely enjoy yourselves. We are firm believers that "The Lifestyle" is all about YOU and what YOUR personal desires are, and all about your comfort level"!

Incognito LS Club.png

What changes are coming for Incognito?



"We make changes and additions to our club, bdsm and/or playrooms monthly"!!

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